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These Homes Were Once A Dream - Katie Dooley

Joe has Katie Dooley on the show and they talk about the recent Sherman Alexie scandal, instagram poetry, editing (or lack thereof), poetry, and more.

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Art photo by Arielle Tipa


These Homes Were Once A Dream

by Katie Dooley


until the ghosts took over.

I thought I emptied my jar of ashes because god knows

how often I fall asleep with my hands

wrist-deep in soot.


I didn’t want to kill

the photo version of myself  

but she wouldn’t stop haunting me,

tapping on my skull until I unlocked


the door next to my temple. I do not know how to let go

of promises. I take them to bed

and let them die.

I had to stop making them in fear of oversaturation.


I love the popping

sound punctured blood makes

but I can’t admit that.

Out loud, I’ll say I love red roses.


Even when I don’t. Even if I do,

I pretend to push everyone away

like a revolving door and I have done my job

right when at night I see my shadow pacing alone


against the wallpaper. This house

might’ve once been a dream but I don’t dream about home.

I think about leaving but the ghosts need company

to prevent complaints from neighbors.